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Reino Eskelinen
Consulting Support for your Company with very special Know-How  and  proved programs (TQM +own development), take contact!
40 years Expertise & Experience at Your Service
  • Succesful Project Management in Vehicle Development Process also in China for a chinese manufacturer

  • I can improve the driveability (and through this also safety) of your motorcycle through:

    • Good feeling from earlier moto GP motorcycle racing as pilot and my own technician. Later working as race engineer for chassis set-up and electronics.​

    • Using (also my own developed) simulation programs to test the effects of needed changes. For this I make 3D measurements of the chassis points and formats.

    • In case of manufacturer: I can use my partners for needed prototype parts and exactly adjustable suspensions to find the exact tune-up.

  • Beside this deep experience in:

    • Combustion Engine development (2-stroke, 4-stroke, 6-stroke (yes I made one running!))

    • Special measurements inside combustion-engine     (e.g. Valve-Temperature)

    • 3D measurements for engine components

    • ECU Functions and applications

  • Race Engineering

    • Engine Mapping, Electronics

    • Chassis & Suspension Set-Up with simulation

    • Refine your race engine, machining parts, full service

  • Goaching and workshops in motorcycle design.

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