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Optimisation Classic Race Bikes:

  • Target is to give new life for forgotten race engines

  • Target is also to optimise the engines with modern simulation programs and durability calculations, and essential optimisation of each component still keeping the original outlook of the engine.

  • All vehicles can be driven and adjusted by Reino himself on race track 

  • Full service possible (keeping vehicle serviced, repaired, storaged in safe workshop and transported to event)

Thanks for my Net-Work of special companies::

Dachs/Machining parts

Reinhard Roll/Crankshaft, Yamaha TZ parts

Andre Simon/Production of exhaust pipes

Kawasaki H1R oprtimised

Yamaha TZ350/Bimota frame

Yamaha TD2B

Maico RS125 oprtimised

Maico RS125 oprtimised

Adler 250cc

Sachs 50cc/new cylinder

KRD from 1960/4-cylinder 200cc

RTM 250cc GP-engine

RTM 250cc GP-engine

KRD from 1960/4-cylinder 200cc

Hockenheim 2008

with RTM

"Jeder kann Bauteile "zusammenschrauben, aber wenige können diese Teile optimieren. Viele Bikes die ich gemacht habe, stehen in Hockenheim Museum fahrfertig oder laufen bei Kunden in Classic events."

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