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Examples other  Engineering Experience integrated in my KNow-How toolbox

NVH Trouble-Shooting:

Complete Vehicle NVH (Acoustics/Vibrations/Harshness/Durability)

  • NVH trouble-shooting

  • Motorcycle NVH (Acoustics; Vibrations; Durability)

  • Chassis trouble shooting (Driveability/ECU Functions; Stochastical disturbances)

  • Comparison tests between different vehicles  (Subjective Analysis System)

  • Analysis Method Development (Relative Movement Analysis for equivalent stress)

  • Mobile PAK-System (Analysis programs, 32 channels)

Some typical pictures from order-tracking (left) and s.c. Campbell from one earlier project.

Engine Developmentment:

  • 2-stroke and 4-stroke race engine development 

  • V6 Diesel engine development 

  • Special prototypes 

  • Strategical engine studies (Competitor Analysis; )

  • Optimising Complete Engine system behaviour

  • Special Online-Measurements (From 100 Hz up to 124 kHz sample rate in real time; also dynamical situations can be recorded)

    • Valve-Temperatures (Gasoline turbo-charged engines)

    • Oil-Temperature and pressure inside bearing (in planning)

    • Piston-Temperatures (in planning)

    • Combustion pressure statistics contra vibrational behaviour

    • Through network bigger development programs possible!

  • Engine Measurements with Dyno

  • Component development

    • Piston, cylinder,con-rods, crankshafts

  • External Component development like:

    • Hydraulics (Injection)

    • Compressors

    • Exhaust systems

ECU-Function development and label application in vehicle:

  • Component Heat Protection Development

  • Thermal Management Applications like engine protection applications and measurements of cooling efficiency.

2-cylinder two-stroke Diesel for Hybrid-usage as early-stage prototype; left in assembly and right at IAA in Frankfurt 2014

Sodium-filled exhaust valve preparation for Online-Temperature measurement in running engine

3D Measurements for chassis and here engine parts

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