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Latest Innovations:

  1. RMA/ Relative Movement Analysis for Equivalent Resonance Stress-Analysis through NVH tools. (See "Experience/NVH Trouble-Shooting; ATZ-English ").

  2. Innovative project of  Emission-free * hybrid vehicle-system “Ekokone”        (* during usage/ Already protected under German Patent Office)

  • Specially targeted for absolutely emission free usage in line with COP21 (Dec. 2015 Paris Agreement)

  • Avoids all negative parameters of pure electric-based battery systems

  • Huge power delivery with high efficiency and energy density

  • First simulations show promising results! Development Partner needed!

  • Should you feel interested by the concept, RE would be really happy to meet with you to promote in details of “Ekokone” , a rewarding project and hopefully convince you to take even actively part to its success for soon collecting its beneficial effects in a win-win close co-operation and making this planet more worthwile to live on.

Other Patents: Contact Reino
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