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Own Motor-Racing Experience up to 1983:

Racing Career 

  • Racing motorcycles in road racing on national level up to 1977

  • After winning the Finnish Championship in the 500cc-class, the Vice Championship in 350 classe, and the Scandinavian in the 350cc-class, all in 1977, a move to international racing platform.

  • After 1978 some Grand-Prix World - Championship - Points in 350 classes as Privat Competitor.

  • End of Racing Activities as Pilot in 1983.

  • After own acing career Race-Engineering, Data-Recording and Application Activities also for Car Teams

  • Test-Bench tuning:

    • Focused on Yamaha racing Engines in 1981-82, and later for 80cc, 125cc, and 250cc Aprilia racing engines up to 1988;

    • Engine Mapping on rolling road (Petronas Superbike; Suzuki and Ducati Superbikes)

Today: Race Engineer

  • Chassis and suspension Set-Up with simulation programs; Engine mapping and electronical functions like Traction Control / Experience & Know-How transfer

  • Since 2016: Development of an “Academy for Young Engineers and Race Drivers” ; Academy and Seminar courses available for:

    • International Motor show

    • Automotive Testing Expo

    • Worldwide Engine Development Fairs,

    • Team Race Directors, Race Tracks Managers or Universities (such as KIT-Karlsruhe/Germany)

    • work for better quality of the new generation Race Engineers and Drivers giving long-term overview of race strategies and necessary processes in racing


I can rebuild f.i. your Yamaha TZ exactly after factory conditions, or make any changes you want on engine or exhaust system, work with several simulation programs with proven results! Look on my historic department for race bikes!

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