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Experience in NVH-Troubleshooting:

  • Downsizing problem solving (like 4-cylinder Diesel engine into chassis whith earlier V8 gasoline engine) 

  • Optimising Exhaust hanger system in car

  • Engine mounting optimisation

  • Deleating acoustical disturbances through problem solutions based f.i. on sensitivity studies

  • improvements in car acceleration behaviour through longitudinal acceleration measurement as indicator and ECU applications

  • Comparison tests , proposals for improvements based on subjective rating during different driving situations

Exhaust systems

  • Creating sign-off program for exhaust systems 

  • Calculation of equivalent stress in exhaust system during resonance condition (s.c. RElative Movement Analysis)

  • Development of decoupling element integrated in exhaust system. 

  • Development of new gasketing systems for exhaust components

  • Simulational calculation of 2-stroke / 4-stroke exhaust pipe based on pressure resonance adjustment

Engine Dynos:

  • Formula 1 component dyno; bearing failures

Testing in production line:


  • Betong-pump gearbox 

  • Problem solving on existing vibration measurement system on production line for V6 Diesel engines

  • Test system for small electric motors on vibrational basis in production line. 



  • Investigations on combustion noise

  • Improvements in vibrational behaviour

  • Dynamic studies of frame

  • Comparison tests , proposals for improvements based on subjective rating during different driving situations

  • Race engineering/ dynamical frane stiffness

Development of NVH-Analysis Methodics; RMA (Relative Movement multipoint Analysis):

  • Quick tool to find worst case equivalent stresses over components during resonances over the whole rew area:

    • Improvements in vibrational behaviour by showing the critical movements with vectoral sum-amplitudes

    • Basis for further testing like Resonance Durability tests with certain amount of load-changes

    • Tells also relative movements between neighbour -components

  • Increases oversight dramatically against conventional OVA (Operational Vibration Analysis).

  • Comparison analysis, shows the improvements quickly especially by known correlation points.

  • By moving the worst case situation into FE-Calculation, real stresses can be derived.

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