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Other Services I can offer:

  • Very professional Net-Work of Companies with rare and high-level Know-How. Taking responsibilty through Reino-Race-Consulting (advantage: one contact-partner representing the whole Net-Work towards client) very demanding projects can be concretisized as has happened in last years allready.

  • Coaching of younger engineers through concrete project work.

  • Simulations of 2-stroke and 4-stroke (and 6-stroke) engines for optimised power/fuel consumption and component development with prototypes. Special (prototype) workshop for engine build, and machining with special tools

  • Chassis simulation with optimisation of dynamical chassis behaviour. 

  • 3D measurements of chassis and engine components.

  • Vibrational and acoustical measurements & analysis directly at client everywhere in the world with mobile measurement system and Analysis Programs .

  • Applicational work on test tracks overall in the world/ organisation of test sessions for complete vehicles

  • Bench-Mark service by comparing different cars/motorcycles and giving feed-back for needed development directions

  • Increasing Consulting activity area to Asia

  • Coaching of race teams

    • Strategical planning and preparation of test sessions and race weekends

    • Simulational support for frame&suspension set-up and long-term development with help of different simulation programs and co-operation with KIT/Karlsruhe

3D Measurement arm; exporting step-files

...and my special workshop

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