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About My actual Race Engineering Activity:

  • Data Recording 

    • Have worked for both - car and motorcycle teams as data engineer

  • Engine and common mapping work

    • Adjustments of Lambda and Ignition maps for smooth power delivery according to single gears or individual tracks

    • Functional Strategy between Traction Control and Engine Mapping

    • Application of other electronical functions

  • Frame and suspension set-up with help of simulation programs and practical measurements

    • 3D Measurement of important frame points

    • Using 3 simulation programs (1 program extra for suspension components/hydraulics, 2 programs for frame adjustments including the hydraulical stiffness changes)

    • Additionally data recording data combined with the simulation

    • Strategy between tyre wear condition, temperature and simulation

  • Strategical planning and coordination for test sessions and race weekends.

  • By connecting all of my experience areas (GP-Pilot, engine and ECU function development, simulations, NVH Know-How) I can offer unique service for any team and on any level of competition

Above and below Anti-Squat-Calculation/ POG

3D Measurements

(Chassis, Engine parts etc.)

Different Analysis via Data-Recording

Animation/Operational Vibration Analysis => RMA

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